Monday, March 06, 2006

NESTING - Video installation

'Nesting' is a biomimicry-based work where the weaver bird's love-life is being explored
and applied in the human context.
The male weaver bird literally weaves his nest using plant fibers. He starts with a single-eight knot and from there on constructs the rest of the nest. When the nest is ready, he attracts the female. She inspects and judges the nest. If she doesn't apporve it, she moves on to another nest (and possible mate). Until she finds one that is nicely build and structured offering a safe environment for the future eggs. In his first year the male is a real amateur and is doomed to suffer from loneliness. But gradually he becomes a better weaver and nest builder which results in a better love life, and even evolving in polygamy as he will built several nests...


Concept & production: bartaku & sofiesaufage
Camera: Tom Heene

Tech: Acki Ackenhausen

Shown at Z33 Contemporary Arts Center. Hasselt (BE), Feb. 2005

In honour of the
Village Weaver Bird (Ploceus Cucculatus)
Several nice movies on youtube: