Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hardware Hacking at Nadine

This week Bartaku participated at the Hardware Hacking workshop at Nadine. The 5th of the X-Med-K Series, interesting workshops organised by the Brussels based arts organisations FoAM, nadine & looking glass.

The hacker sensei was Nicolas Collins who has the rare gift to combine profound knowledge with humour and wit. The mix consisted of some theory and heaps of practice. From the basics of soldering, generating sounds with the circuitry of a radio, easy-to-make and cheap but good microphones, the modulation of preprogrammed toy sounds, till the making of complex oscillators with fotocells etc... Very useful for the development and maintenance of ReCords.

Top view of the mess we made

Those unfortunate ones who could not enjoy the output, those mind cracking sound scapes (bursts), check the live streams (bottom page). Also, the screeping sounds coming out of the hacked toys were quite appreciated by crap(eye), theoumek & bartaku and they decide to form the RGB~Toysband. They will perform in some subway stations on February 18, Output Day of X-Med-K: '
a collaborative, networked project uniting artists, programmers, and hardware designers'.

See also responsive environments workshop at FoAM.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

ReCords at Generative Art 2004

ReCords will be presented at Generative Art 2004, organized by the Department of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano University (Milan, Italy, Dec. 14-16). This international event consists of a conference, exhibition and performance 'festival'.


, as the last 6 previous annual conferences, is a meeting place to exchange ideas, theorical approaches, operative and teaching experiences and to value the innovative field of intelligent industrial production and business that belongs to Generative approach. Following the experience of last years, people can show his innovative work in the concurrent GA Performance Festival that will be held in the same days of the conference. This will be an opportunity to show and enjoy the most advanced mix of generative entertainement media."